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Caronte Consulting is an ally who assists the customer in the identifying areas process for improvement and in the definition of most convenient intervention strategies process for a quick solution to every problem! We plan with you the best solution to solve all your problems concerning Information & Communication Technology! Our proposals are tailored to your needs: just an idea customer and we fly to develop them to the fullest! Just a click to find out what we are dealing with!

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Customers who have found a valuable partner in Caronte Consulting for professionalism, pragmatism and reliability are becoming more numerous and from different backgrounds, but with similar needs. Our wide range of services allows us to work with various types of customers: professionals, microbusinesses, SMEs, large companies and public bodies. Contact us if you begin a process of growth through new information technologies.

Our goal

Caronte Consulting begins its work with a careful analysis of the state of the art in which he is called to operate, examining the resources, expertise, customer and its organizational structure to respond to his needs, to objectives and expectations. The customer will be followed with professionalism and attention: we help you to understand if the solution of the problem actually increases the value produced by the company, decide what customizations to be made and possible future developments.

Business, cloud and Mobile app



Caronte Consulting designs and develops software, web Application and web platforms tailored for solving small problems or large projects by using new technologies. Our business is based on an extensive phase of design and development that aims to provide a useful and easy to use software to solve your problems . We pay maximum attention to aesthetic detail and produce all in a short time. Our company designs and develops software for GNU \ Linux and Microsoft environment using today's most popular programming languages ​​and frameworks most appropriate to achieve the goal we set for ourselves in order to offer a more up to date and complies with international standards . Our ongoing study of new technologies and our long (and demonstrable) experience allow us to develop software for the professional, small and medium enterprise, public institution or large company operating in many different industrial sectors: energy, textile, manufacturing, railroad , automotive, avionics , etc... Now you can think ... mobile! We can integrate business applications on both Android smartphones and tablets Windows 8, to be able to offer services and products to your customers and to further strengthen your brand.


Indispensable in industrial, energy, biomedical, domestic, ... monitoring becomes simple. The control too! We carry with you the hardware and software that allow you to monitor any size, any data and to remotely control any machine! Human-Machine Interface or Man-Machine Interface: two different ways to refer to the subtle but important layer, composed of hardware and software, which allows the operator monitoring and remote control of a large machine. Caronte Consulting estimates the best way to capture the flow of information, even with the implementation of appropriate Remote Terminal Unit, and also assesses how to make a valid decision support, such as the use of visual messages, sound and actions control , etc... We design and implement real virtual consoles, highly specialized, directed to read the information, to receive notifications and to perform control actions.

Home Automation

The technology comes into the house with so many solutions to create a more comfortable and livable. Staying at home is like being on vacation. You can devote more time to relax while the blinds are raised slightly while you make yourself be pampered with relaxing music and the energy and water management is totally independent! We study strategies to improve your quality of life, safety or the environment that surrounds you and to optimize the energy costs and management. It is not just a set of intelligent home appliances but a new way of living in our home that helps us to live better. An home automation system has to deal with the energy policy of the house, feeding and removing power appliances not in use, must deal with the domestic hot water management, ensuring the safety of the dwelling must be reachable from the outside, to turn on or turn off household devices while we are away from home. In this way you can manage your home from afar feeling it closer!

Artificial Vision

The artificial vision systems process and react as we want and deliver their full potential in any field of application: industrial, medical, security, automotive, etc... Computer Vision Systems, also known as artificial vision systems, have been created with the aim to reproduce the behavior of the human visual system and to interpret the contents of the scanned image, just as man does. An analysis of the scanned image, the information goes to a decision-making system, which will decide whether to take some type of action. A machine vision system sees the integration of mechanical, electronic, optical and software parts that allows to capture images, both in the visible light spectrum and outside of it (eg, infrared, thermal infrared, X-ray, ...), and process, recognizing the characteristics of the image useful in classification, selection, etc... Caronte Consulting studying determinants technologies to accelerate the industrial process, to refine the system of quality control for the selection of the product or the product itself, its classification , etc...

The best monitoring ever made


Caronte Consulting is involved in many projects and many innovative ideas and interesting! Below is a list of presentations that describe the projects that we believe to be fundamental to our company!

Innovative home automation


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