Mercury is an Innovative Low- Power Solution designed for a gps topographic survey really precise!

“I would like to have something that allow me to get a precise survey, cheap and innovative”

If you need it (and we hope you don’t want a coffee too), you can use Mercury!


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Mercury is an ILPS( Innovative Low-Power Solution) designed to obtain GPS topographic survey with high precision. Mercury allow you to get a precise survey without setting up anything thanks to its small size and long-lasting battery. All you have to do is take Mercury,turn it on and obtain data just pushing a bottom!

GPS Receiver

Mercury has a multiple frequency gps receiver with 167 receiving channels, that will allow you to use GPS, SBAS and QZSS signals to obtain a topographic survey really precise! Some data:

  • Chipset Venus 8 with 167 channels
  • receiving GPS, SBAS and QZSS signals
  • rate acquisition from 1 to 20 Hz
  • pos accuracy 2.5m CEP
  • vel accuracy 0.1m/sec
  • Warm start TTFF ~29sec
  • Cold start TTFF ~30sec
  • Cold start sensitivity -148dBm
  • Tracking sensitivity -165dBm
  • Altitude < 18km
  • Speed < 515m/sec
  • Atomic clock sync P1PPS time +/-10nsec accuracy



Mercury has a technological Low-Power mode antenna: it is a big flying saucer that consume little more than 300mA and that observe satellites with a 180° solid angle.

It is easy to understand that this kind of antenna doesn’t need any other power supply system, so it is connects to the detector with a 50 Ohm cable.

Thanks to its low consumptions and its big search area of satellites, Mercury can obtain for hours and hours rapid survey with high precision!


Mercury Antenna


Here we have some screenshots of results that you obtain when you use Mercury: you can observe a lot of compact points during the acquisition, a signal- noise report really important and a perfect traceability of satellite constellation!


Mercury Nuvola di Punti



Mercury SNR



Mercury satelliti



Mercury is an Innovative Low-Power Solution. Thanks to a new and sophisticated technology, Mercury gives an high computing power with a low energy consumption. We used dev board for rapid prototyping, so when you buy Mercury you buy two things: a precise survey GPS system and a platform for a quickly development. Mercury is easy to set up, with an amazing computing power and a lot of on-board sensor. The package is in PLA, realized with a 3D printer and a firmware that allow to get a really precise GPS survey, fast and cheap! Mercury has no blocks for software and hardware! You will be able to develop new I/O units, to add new textures and to develop all the firmware you want! So you can change Mercury in an other innovative project! Mercury is compatible with mikroC for ARM.

Mercury Tecnologia


Mercury is really easy to use, it’s impossible make mistakes! Configurations? None. Acquisition options? Two. Let’s try to find any problems… it will be hard!

Mercury Funzionamento