Caronte Consulting - We are Innovators, Technologists, Pirates.

We are innovators, technologists, pirates.

We create Innovative Low-Power Solutions, artificial vision systems, customized software, hardware and web applications using only innovative technologies. Our devices are exclusively customer-tailored.


Caronte Consulting is an ally who helps the customer in creating new innovative ideas in the field of Information & Communication Technology. We design and build systems in the field of Industry 4.0 and 5.0equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Vision, machine learning based on genetic algorithms and which interface with any type of existing system via the Internet (IoT). Our systems aim to improve industrial processes, increasing food quality and safety by reducing energy consumption.

Instant Qualitative Analysis

Instant Qualitative Analyses

Hydra for cereals favicon

Hydra for cereals

Analyze decortication’s wastes in real and continuous time. Automate your decorticators increasing yield and reducing energy consumption.



Determine the merceological characteristics of your raw materials. Know in advance your yield based on your plant’s setting and pay what is right.

Hydra for liquids favicon

Hydra per liquidi

Analyze in real time and continuous the composition of your liquids to verify the respect of the parameters and the stability over time.



Identify in realy time the presence of molds and yiest on plastic and metal surfaces, without waiting for laboratory’s analysis.

Continuous Industrial Monitoring


Continuous Industrial Monitoring

Phobos favicon-07


Monitor your environmental and process’s variables automating it, with the aim of avoiding drifts in your production process.

Hydra favicon-06

Santi Bailor

Instantly and continuously monitor your whiterooms, cleanrooms and hyperbaric chambers. Determine the imbalances and causes.

Industrial Research


Industrial Research

Hydra for lab favicon

Hydra for laboratory

Analyze in real time each phase of your production process configuring the machines based on what it has been analyzed. Identify external agents and wrong settings in order to obtain a constant standard production.

The Innovative Low-Power Solutions (ILPS) are innovative, economic, low-consumption devices, easily programmable for data collection or for multimedia applications.

We design and build artificial vision systems. These systems are created with the aim of reproducing the behavior of human sight and interpreting the content of the acquired image, exactly as man does. From the analysis of the acquired images, the information passes to a decision-making system, which will decide whether or not to take a certain type of action.

We design and develop cross-platform software, for GNU \ Linux or Microsoft Windows, using only modern development languages ​​and innovative layouts, useful for making up-to-date software that meet international standards. All our products developed to run in the Microsoft environment are fully compatible with Windows 10.

We create and develop apps and webapps, which we also include in our ILPS. The apps we develop are created entirely by our internal engineers, and can be completely customized to the customer’s needs.

Our goals

environmental impact

One of our main goals is to reduce the environmental impact. For this reason, our devices, applied in the production processes, help companies to save on the consumption of raw materials, water and energy and to reduce waste.

quality and safety

Our customized devices analyze and interact in real time with the production process, in order to identify elements that can cause non-standards and correct machine settings, thus increasing both the quality and safety of the finished product.

production processes

We help processing companies to optimize and stabilize the production process by automating it, thanks to the use of innovative technologies: artificial intelligence and vision, machine learning, IoT, neural networks, etc. (Industry 5.0).

Awards and journalistic recognitions


Caronte Consulting’s news are useful for technologists, innovators and real pirates! We present you all the new technologies we are using, the innovative ideas that we have in mind and some useful guides!

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