Caronte Consulting - Innovatori. Tecnologi. Pirati.

/pi·rà·ta/ – masculine and feminine noun

latin: pirata, piratae
greek: πειρατής, peiratès

The one who seeks his fortune into adventures


Caronte Consulting is an ally that helps the Customer to create new innovative ideas in the field of Information & Communication Technology!

We are pirates that solve the needs of the Customer: we will face the problem to be solved as if we were in battle and we will give the maximum until we reach the result!

We realize Innovative Low-Power Solutions, artificial vision systems, customized software, hardware and web application using only innovative technologies. What we do does not exist on the market yet.


"The pirate resembles the player: he never tires of trying his luck" (Von Luckner)

In this section we want to present to you our work of every day, the one in which we believe and what we love. Let yourself be devoured by curiosity, put a strain on our brain and confront with us!

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