Intelligent systems for production processes

Caronte Consulting is a Research and Development company that helps customers to optimize their production process through new innovative systems in the field of Information & Communication Technology.


We design customized systems that optimize industrial processes

We design and build systems in the field of Industry 5.0 equipped with artificial intelligence and computer vision, machine learning based on genetic algorithms and which interface with any type of PLC (IoT).


We develop our devices with the most advanced mathematical techniques

Our 5.0 devices are equipped with intelligent softwares generated with advanced mathematical techniques, which allow to fully automate industrial processes, optimizing production.


Our goals

Improve the quality of finished products, increase and optimize production and reduce energy consumption by stabilizing production processes using innovative and customized systems.

Reduce the environmental impact


One of our main goals is to reduce the environmental impact. For this reason, our devices, applied in production processes, help companies to save on the consumption of raw materials, water and energy and to reduce waste.

Increase quality and safety


Our devices analyze and interact in real and continuous time with the production process, in order to identify elements that can cause out of standard, thus increasing both quality and safety of the finished product.

Optimize production processes


Our devices help operators to optimize and stabilize production process by automating it. This happens thanks to innovative technologies that use computer vision and artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, neural networks, big data analysis (Industry 5.0).

Articles and awards

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