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About Caronte

Captain, I want to enlist with you, I’m a well-known pirate” (John Phillips)


We realize Innovative Low-Power Solutions, artificial vision systems, customized software, hardware and web application using only innovative technologies.

What we do does not exist on the market yet.

Who is Caronte Consulting

Caronte Consulting is an ally that helps the Customer to create new innovative ideas in the field of Information & Communication Technology!

We always start from a careful analysis of the state of the art in which we are called to operate, examining the Customer’s resources and his organizational structure.

We help the Customer to understand if the solution of the problem actually increases the value produced by his company, deciding which are the customizations to be made and any future developments.

We are pirates that solve the needs of the Customer: we will face the problem to be solved as if we were in battle and we will give the maximum until we reach the result!

Our strengths

We are very good in designing and implementing Innovative Low-Power Solutions, innovative hardware devices with low energy consumption, and artificial vision systems.

Our greatest pleasure is to unite these two things and make unusual devices, small and with artificial intelligence, that can be used in the field of artificial vision.

There are many advantages: high innovation of the industrial process, maximum customization of the product and low cost!

We really like to create customized software to the needs of the customer, full of artificial intelligence, who learn the operation of the production process in which they are in, interpret it and deduce the changes to the setpoints in order to improve it.

What programming languages do we use? All.

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Computer Vision - Multivision

Sectors we operate in

Like all pirates, we sail for all seas. We can be used in any field: from food processing to manufacturing, from IT to automotive. We are not tied to any master, but we face every problem for what it is: a beautiful challenge, a battle to be won at all costs!


The awards that we have been awarded since May 15th, 2013 say more than many beautiful words!