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The Bugstalker Cover

The bugstalker to study the grain weevil

We have created a very good tool to study the grain weevil

If you turn to us it’s because you’re in the terminal state and you don’t go to dirty work. For Caronte nothing is impossible and we have no problem to get our hands dirty too much. After the work we use the soap … ARRRRRRRR, PIRATES!

What we have done

Claudio pulls out of the galley an old and dirty book on the beetles. In a corner there is a bit of cardboard. If you need the scotch it’s on the second shelf, in the room New Tortuga. You remembered to bring the sound absorbing material from your home … ah, okay, you brought it! Oh, I almost forgot: the innovative and very sensitive microphone that lets you to hear 1 tiny insect in a kg of cereal … it’s on the third shelf.

Cut, paste, … put the microphone in the box… ready to record?

How much did we have fun?

We studied the grain weevil, both adults and larvae. Distract us for a few days from the usual routine made of silicon chips and occasional relationships were pleasant. And when you working in harmony and serenity, you become productive. Now we have an effective algorithm to recognize an adult from a larvae of grain weevil! Nice, huh?

We are Tech Pirates

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