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We are exaggerating

Locusts, moths of flour, crickets, … we are really exaggerating

«If you have no news of Caronte then it means that you have to worry» (Lello the Pirate)

One of our customers gave us a very sensitive microphone at low frequencies, specially designed to detect insects in cereals. He came to see us, gave us the microphone and told us: “Here you are: have fun!“. Goodbye!

The first to arrive at the office were: moth moth (Tenebrio molitor), domestic cricket (Acheta domesticus) and Locusta Migratoria. After these friendly friends arrived: Drosophila and Coleottero del fagiolo (Acanthoscelides obtectus Say). No doubt about it … we create a real menagerie!

The microphone is hyper-amplified and is very sensitive to vibrations and low-frequency noise: just bring it close to the vermicelli and you can hear them walking and chewing!


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