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Analyze the quality of raw materials

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The analysis of the quality of the raw materials is a hard operation.

If you buy raw materials of different quality it means you’ll have a unstable finished product. We have studied and built a tool for the food industry that objectively analyzes raw materials and determines their properties.

Studying the quality of raw materials is a really difficult task because these can be examined from different points of view with different tools. Is it possible to objectify this kind of analysis? It is possible thanks to Hydra for laboratory.

Hydra for laboratory is an innovative UV-VIS spectrometer, designed for food processing and with which it is possible to analyze the raw materials and examine the state of the production process in real time. This device has a very high sensitivity and is able to identify in a few seconds the slightest variation of the spectrum in the by-products, determining the incidence of the machines along the production process.

Hydra for laboratory does not use cables to communicate, but uses a WiFi connection with the PC (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) so it can be strategically placed in a laboratory.

The software allows to determine the spectral differences between different acquisitions in multiple color spaces (CIE XYZ, CIE Lab, Hunter Lab, CIE Luv, CMYK, HSL, etc.), indexes of divergence between the spectral curves and calculations about the colorimetric distance (CIE76, CIE94, CIEDE2000, etc.). The Hydra for laboratory software also offers the possibility of examining a graphic, called CSC (Caronte Space Color) which allows to immediately identify where the spectral differences are located. Furthermore, you can customize the software by adding your own formulations and indexes.

Hydra for laboratory. Eye masterpiece.

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