Hydra for laboratory: Eye Masterpiece

It is a device that represents the frontier of spectrometry for the agri-food sector

We got killed at work, but we did it! Hydra for laboratory is a spectrometer that we have built putting all the enthusiasm that distinguishes Caronte Consulting! It is a spectrometer in which years of work, experience, deductions, observations and our enthusiasm are condensed!

Hydra for laboratory is an innovative spectrometer, designed and developed to be used in the agri-food sector. It has a very high sensitivity able to identify even the slightest changes in the examined product.

The device is totally expandable, every single component is configurable, every feature can be improved in order to make the analysis of the product extremely thorough. The dimensions are extremely contained, so it can be placed on a desk and can be transported easily.


The software is entirely designed and realized in order to enhance the characteristics of the device, making each parameter optimally configurable.

Hydra for laboratory analyzes with extreme precision the changes in the examined sample identifying the slightest difference between the two spectra. For every difference, the Hydra for laboratory software associates a particular meaning, giving an interpretation on the condition of the food product.