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Santi Bailor: American Attraction

Santi Bailor Santi Bailor is a device that monitors the cleanrooms

It can be customized with a lot of environmental sensors, equipped with an alarm system or integrated with existing alarm systems

What is it

Santi Bailor: American Attraction is an ILPS created by Caronte Consulting. It is designed for fast and continuous monitoring of clean rooms, white rooms and hyperbaric rooms. The system learns quickly and in total autonomy (Machine Learning) what are the environmental conditions which represent the normal condition of the chamber, causing decompensations and which machinery / states are to be associated with a decompensation. The intelligent features, like all the others Caronte ILPSs, include: artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, neural networks, 3D printing.

Like all Caronte Consulting projects, this too has a non-random name. Its name refers to the well-known character of Nando Meliconi, played by Alberto Sordi in An American in Rome. Nando is an eternal daydreamer and calls himself Santi Bailor, longing for the American world. This desire of his becomes a true fixation until he Americanizes his life to the sound of imitations of all kinds, recreating a Hollywood setting in his room and involving many unfortunate in his oddities.