Computer Vision

We design and realize Computer Vision systems

Computer Vision Systems

The Computer Vision systems are created with the aim to reproduce the behavior of the human view and interpret the acquired image content, exactly as man does. From the analysis of the acquired images the information goes to a decision-making system, which will decide whether to take some type of action. From the analysis of the acquired images, the information passes to a decision-making system, which will decide whether or not to undertake a certain type of action.An artificial vision system sees the integration of mechanical, electronic, optical and computer that will capture images, both in the visible light spectrum that outside of it (eg. Infrared, thermal infrared, X-ray, …), and process them, recognizing in the characteristics of the image elements useful to the classification, selection, etc.Caronte Consulting studies and uses the latest technologies on the market, useful and decisive for designing and building artificial vision systems useful for improving the industrial process, for refining the quality control system of the product or for the selection of the product itself, its classification, etc.

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Our devices can be used in any type of industrial process, from the field to the finished product.