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Phobos is an intelligent system for continuous monitoring

The hardware used for Phobos is based on the Innovative Low-Power Solutions, ie “technologically innovative solutions with low energy consumption”

What is it

Phobos is a device designed for monitoring several environmental and process variables, interpreting and acting like an operator would, with the aim of avoiding drifts from the production process.

It is equipped with an intelligent software built with Open Source tools through which it learns and interprets the trend of the production process by analyzing all the variables, identifying any drifts.

Phobos interprets the result of its operations: if you have made a mistake, you will avoid doing it again in the future.

How does it work

It processes many variables simultaneously, finds relationships between them and identifies the corrections to be applied to one or more machines. In the grinding sector, Phobos was successfully applied with a configuration of 26 variables (mixed, both environmental and process). In the mill, it was able to identify the variables that directly influence the humidity in the flour/semolina. After a short start-up period, it identifies the relationships between the variables in a completely autonomous way, updating its deductions and mathematical formulas. Phobos is self-disciplined, also independently identifying the time interval with which it must examine the variables and apply the corrections.

Essential in wheat mills

With Phobos, wetting the grain becomes a completely automated process thanks to a correct dosage of water

The device uses the analysis of many variables and is able to automatically dose the amount of water needed during the wetting phase. It, therefore, transforms a process based solely on the subjective choices of the operator in an automatic, constant and intelligent process. It can also be used to detect and measure sudden variations in weather conditions that have a significant impact on semolina moisture, in addition to understand if something is having a negative impact on wetting, such as a dirty water filter or a dispenser. Phobos is infallible, therefore it is possible to correlate the variations of the semolina moisture not to atmospheric phenomena but to the setpoint variations of the mill machines.

Wheat grain smart wetting with Phobos - Caronte Consulting
Phobos - Caronte Consulting


Its hardware is chosen based on the Customer’s needs and can be based on microcontroller or microprocessor. In both cases, the choice will always fall on hardware that have low energy consumption, designed with the same policy of free software and open source (FOSS). The free hardware has a surely positive impact on the customer, as it will know all about the hardaware: the diagrams, the list of materials of which it is composed, the layout of the circuit, and so on. In simpler applications, in which few variables are monitored and their correlation is simple to calculate, a microcontroller will be used. In complex applications, in which the variables to be monitored are many and therefore their correlation will be more difficult to calculate, a microprocessor will be used. In this case, the device will be a real Computer, customized to the Customer’s needs.


Software programming follows the philosophy of Free software: the microcontroller will be programmed with Free and Open Source software, while the microprocessor will be managed by a GNULinux operating system.

This device is equipped with an intelligent software layer, built with Open Source software and which responds to the needs of the Customer. The device learns to interpret the progress of the production process by analyzing all the variables it can draw from, then interprets the status of the process, intervening directly on the machine setpoints.


Nowadays, the market offers a considerable quantity of sensors and these can be used to enrich and strengthen Phobos. It can be configured with both analog sensors and digital sensors. The configurations are many and depend on the customization and the parameters that the customer asks: temperature, humidity, magnetic fields, PM10, PM2.5, CO2, voltage, current, GPS coordinates, etc.

Phobos is equipped with a webserver through which it is possible to configure and monitor the trends of the variables it monitors, including those coming from its sensors. If desired, Phobos can send this data to an already existing SCADA or DB system.

Cyclicty wo Phobos - Caronte Consulting
Bad Weather w Phobos - Caronte Consulting

Package & Maintenance

It is also possible to configure the housing: with our 3D printers it is possible to allocate Phobos in a customized package that bears the Customer’s logo, or it can be allocated on a DIN bar, in an IP65 box, etc. Phobos is CE certified and is a Made in Italy device. Most of its internal and some external components are 3D printed. Provided to the customer, there is also a computer and a monitor on which the instrument can be managed. With the purchase of Phobos, maintenance is completely free for the first year, following which it will be agreed together with the Customer despite much of the ordinary maintenance being performed remotely; this is possible thanks to software created by us specifically for the management of intervention situations, even of an urgent type, also on the other side of the world. These protection software are part of the Phobos equipment and, in general, of the Caronte brand instruments.
Phobos app Android - Caronte Consulting


Phobos can communicate with the outside world through the use of various protocols: Ethernet, Wi-Fi a / b / g / n, CanBus, ProfiBus, ModBus, Optical fiber, RF, … there are no limits! It can also be interfaced with an app for Android smartphones, tablets and phablets that allows you to monitor the progress of the parameters directly in the palm of your hand!.

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